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Korean sweet rice pancake made with fresh flowers

I was inspired to make this fresh flower sweet rice pancake or 화전 (Hwajeon) while I was preparing for my recent rice cake pastry class. Traditionally, Koreans make Hwajeon in spring with Korean azaleas (진달래꽃 jindalae kkot) or pear blossoms (배꽃 bae kkot). And then…

Fresh Flower Rice Pancake (화전 Hwajeon)

I have been invited to attend Food Week Korea (Nov 12-15) for free as a blogger and I am very excited!! I attended it last year (I paid money) and basically anything related to food industry is all there. I got to see all sorts…

Food Week Korea 2014

Eggplant Namul (가지나물 Gahji Namul)

  Honestly, I never liked this dish when I was a kid. It’s because I was very sensitive to texture of foods when I was little. Anything that’s too mushy or too chewy, too gummy or too gooey – my stomach could not take it.…

Steamed Eggplant Namul (가지나물 Gaji Namul)



Andong Gurume Historical Korean Home (고택 Gotaek)

Nothing fancy or multi-colored, nothing grilled or fried but there is something so comforting and deliciously pleasing about a properly prepared authentic Korean breakfast.  In my opinion, this is what traditional Korean food tastes are all about. Every now and then I have complained about…

Breakfast at Andong

Roasted Corn Tea (옥수수차 Oksusu Cha)

Corn tea/Oksusu cha(옥수수차) and Barley tea/Bori Cha (보리차) are two kinds of teas that are an essential part of Korean cuisine. Oksusu cha has a slightly sweet note with a great roast flavor. Bori Cha is not at all sweet, slightly smokey and has a…

Roasted Corn and Silk Tea (옥수수차 Oksusu cha)



Cold Buckwheat Noodle Salad (막국수 Makguksu)

Cold Makguksu (막국수) and hot summer go together like hot chocolate and cold winter. There’s just something curiously cooling about all the fresh crunchy vegetables and cold buckwheat noodles(메밀국수 maemil guksu) mixed together. But then again, nothing curious about it I guess, since maemil/buckwheat IS…

Cold Buckwheat Noodle Salad (막국수 Makguksu)



Noodles with Black Bean Sauce (짜장면 Jjajang Myeon)

In almost every Korean drama, you will see characters devour this black sauce noodle dish-ending with black sauce all around their mouths. And it’s almost always in an office setting or at home, where these are delivered in a steel or plastic box. Jjajangmyeon (짜장면)…

Noodles in Black Bean Sauce (간짜장면 Kaan Jjajangmyeon)



Korean Kabocha Squash (단호박 Danhobak) Salad

Danhobak(단호박)/Kabocha Squash and Goguma (고구마)/Sweet potato are probably some of the most popular ingredient in Korea these days. I say that because I see these two ingredients everywhere – actually to the point where I am tired of seeing them as the ‘featured’ ingredient in…

Sweet Kabocha Squash Salad (단호박 샐러드 Danhobak Salad)




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