Korean seasonings (양념 Yangnyeom)

Basic Korean pantry – list of essentials

I was recently asked by a college bound student what basic ingredients he needed to buy to start cooking Korean food. And I remembered I wrote a post when I first arrived in Korea in 2012 about what I needed to buy to get my Kitchen started. And the post about Korean Seasonings was written. But I realized that the post I wrote then was in order to stock a full Korean pantry. For a college student, they may not be able to nor want to do that. And so the reason for this post - the minimalist version of my Korean seasonings list plus a few items you will want to have to make stock and other dishes.  I will divide the pantry list into two separate lists: first list has the absolute essentials ...

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Best Korean Summer BBQ Party – Menu and Tips

Korean BBQ party table with Kalbi, Radish Salad, Kimchi and Potato Salad

Koreans LOVE BBQ in the summer. In Korea, when you visit the various parks, mountains and rivers, you will see that Koreans will find a way to grill everything, whenever and wherever they are. Most Korean pensions (Korean's version of Bed and Breakfast but without breakfast) will usually have picnic ...

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A fabulous Girl’s Getaway Day 2 (Carmel, CA)

Perfect Sunset in Pajaro Beach, California

Hope everyone had a very happy July 4th!! (at least for the people in the US ;) )  So now on to the 2nd post for my girl's getaway trip to the Central Coast area of California. On Day 2 of our trip, we made our way to Carmel which brings back many memories for me. Carmel is right by the sea and ...

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A fabulous Girl’s Getaway Day 1 (Central Coast, CA)

An array of different color Sand Dollars from Capitola Beach, California

I always LOVED these little creatures called sand dollars...and I never even imagined that I would be collecting so many of these on my recent girl's getaway trip to the Central Coast area of California. Of all my years visiting various beaches throughout the US, this is the first beach where I saw ...

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Easy and Pretty Millle-Feuille Nabe (Shabu Shabu)

Mille Feuille Nabe (shabu shabu) ready to cook - www.kimchimari.com

Shabu Shabu (see my Shabu Shabu Korean Style recipe) and really good Japanese Nabe was one of the foods I missed the most when I first came to US some 20+ years ago.  Although these foods have origins in Japanese cuisine, just like how Pizza has totally become part of American food, shabu shabu ...

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Mint and Basil Hottoek?!

Korean Sweet Pancake (Hotteok/Hodduck) with mint-www.kimchimari.com

Really?? You may think that's the strangest thing you ever heard...well, just follow my story a little bit... Warm and sunny spring days are now in full force in our lovely California and I can even feel the summer around the corner. And unlike the last two years, when I dreaded the coming of the ...

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Hotteok (호떡)- Korean Sweet Dessert Pancake

Korean Sweet Pancake - Hotteok/Hodduck (호떡) www.kimchimari.com

At the corner of every neighborhood in Seoul, especially in the winter when your nose and fingers are so cold, they feel numb.... you will always find a cart on the street that sells this piping hot Korean sweet dessert pancake called Hotteok/Hodduk (호떡). If Korean ice bingsoo is a must have ...

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