Gluten Free Hobak Buchimgae-Zucchini Fritters

Gluten free Hobak Buchimgae (Korean Zucchini Fritters)

Gluten free Hobak Buchimgae-Zucchini Fritters for summer dinners!! This was so yummy I just had to share right away. For dinner yesterday, I decided to make some gluten free hobak buchimgae outside in our backyard. I usually use a non-stick pan but I decided to use my 10" all-clad stainless frying pan. I think this made it extra yummy. I have made gluten free hobak buchimgae before but it ...

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Classic Gyeran Jjim-Korean Steamed Eggs

Classic Gyeran Jjim - Korean Steamed Eggs

  The real traditional method of making Classic Gyeran Jjim-Korean steamed eggs is to cook it in a double boiler bain marie (correction made thanks to my friend Judy!). So technically, I don't think we can even call it as "steamed eggs" but "jjim" means "steam" and so I think Korean steamed eggs stuck with it. I know in my previous Gyeran Jjim in Hot Pot post, I shared the recipe ...

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Gyeran Jjim (계란찜) in Hot Pot – Savory Korean Egg Souffle

Gyeran/Kyeran Jjim (계란찜) Korean Savory Egg Souffle

Gyeran/Kyeran Jjim(계란찜) or Dalgyal Jjim(달걀찜) is a Korean side dish made from eggs. Gyeran and Dalgyal both mean 'egg' in Korean. I know this must be always so confusing about the Korean language - there's usually two different words that mean the same thing. Korean language has words that come from two different origins - one based on Chinese characters and the other is based on pure Korean ...

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Cold Jellyfish Salad (Haepari Naengchae 해파리 냉채 ) with starflower

Korean jellyfish salad (Haepari Naengchae) with lemon and borage petals

Really? Jellyfish?? Can you eat jellyfish? Yes, of course. Why not?..I don't think it's that different than eating squid..I am pretty sure that I tasted jellyfish even before I knew what it was. And don't worry about the jellyfish poison, the tentacles are all removed before they are packaged. If you eat the jellyfish without thinking about it, it is pretty darn good. It actually doesn't have any ...

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Three color vegetables (Samsaek Namul)- Brown Gosari

Korean Three color vegetable (samsaek namul)

Brown Gosari (고사리)/Kosari or Bracken Fiddleheads namul is the last of the Korean three color vegetables (samsaek namul 삼색나물) dish that I have been blogging about. Bracken belongs to a genus of large, coarse ferns in the family Dennstaedtiaceae. As ferns, brackens do not have seeds or fruits, but the immature fronds, known as fiddlehead greens, are eaten in different cultures. Bracken is one of ...

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Three color vegetables (삼색나물 Samsaek Namul) – White

Korean Radish Saute Side Dish (Mu/Moo Namul Banchan)

Sam (pronounced saam) means 3 in Korean and saek means color. So samsaek namul means vegetables of 3 colors: specifically white, black/brown and green. I will be writing a 3 series post about this dish since it's actually 3 different dishes often plated in one. Today's post will be on White radish namul. Recently, all of a sudden, I had this craving for mu namul (무나물) - a surprisingly delicious ...

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Seafood Green Onion Pancake (Dongrae or Haemul Pajeon 동래 해물파전)

DongraePajeon 동래파전 (Korean Seafood Green Onion Pancake)

There was a special kind of Haemul (Seafood) Pajeon (파전) that was served at fancy parties at our home when I was little, many years ago... And I have been looking for the recipe of this very yummy seafood green onion pancake for a long time. I did not have the recipe because it is not a dish that my mom or dad made but it was a dish that was made by a professional chef who came to cook for my ...

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Steamed Eggplant Namul (가지나물 Gaji Namul)

Eggplant Namul (가지나물 Gahji Namul)

  Honestly, I never liked this dish when I was a kid. It's because I was very sensitive to texture of foods when I was little. Anything that's too mushy or too chewy, too gummy or too gooey - my stomach could not take it. And most often than not, eggplants were cooked too long and it was just too mushy for my taste. I have gotten much less picky about texture as I got older but I am still ...

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Sweet Kabocha Squash Salad (단호박 샐러드 Danhobak Salad)

Korean Kabocha Squash (단호박 Danhobak) Salad

Danhobak(단호박)/Kabocha Squash and Goguma (고구마)/Sweet potato are probably some of the most popular ingredient in Korea these days. I say that because I see these two ingredients everywhere - actually to the point where I am tired of seeing them as the 'featured' ingredient in a dish. One of the things that bothers me the most is how Koreans add sweet potato to pizza. Mashed sweet potato is used to ...

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Crispy Potato Pancakes (감자전 Gamjajeon)

Korean potato pancakes (감자전 Gamjajeon)

What do you do when life gives you too many ugly potatoes? You make potato pancakes! Back in June, in my Life in Korea - Farming Anyone? post, I wrote that I was planting colored potatoes in my farm. Well..we harvested them in late July. And I have been busy selling them the last 2 months. I have already sold most of it but I had a lot of oddly shaped ugly potatoes left -not fit for sale but ...

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