60+ Korean Recipes Using 12 Core Ingredients

*Note, it's assumed that you already have the usual aromatics such as green onions, garlic and ginger and can get basic seasonings like sugar, vinegar and other common fresh ingredients. Please let me know if I missed something!

Here are 12 core Korean ingredients:

Korean short grain rice, Korean red chili powder (Gochukaru 고추가루), Soy Sauce (Jinganjang 진간장), Soup Soy Sauce (Gukganjang 국간장), Gochujang (고추장), Sesame Oil (Chamgiruem 참기름), Sesame seeds (Cham-kkae 참깨), Anchovy Fish Sauce (Myeolchi Aekjeot 멸치액젓), Dried Anchovies for Stock/Soup (Gukmul-yong Myeolchi 국물용 멸치), Dried Kelp/Kombu (Dashima 다시마), Korean Sea Salt (Cheonilyeom 천일염- mainly for Kimchi), Korean soybean paste (Doenjang 된장).

** You can find all of these at a Korean grocery store or most online on my Kimchimari Amazon shop.

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