Good bye Coco

Coco smiling

Coco smiling

Good bye~ sweetie..our cutest dog ever..Coco.

We recently lost our beloved dog, Coco, because of an illness she had since 2008. She was only 11 and it all happened just too soon but we are thankful to have spent many wonderful years together.

There’s so much more to write but I’m having an extra hard time writing today so I will include my daughter’s FB post instead –

Thanks to everyone who made this dog’s life a happy one. She waited until my dad got home from work and my mom was no longer alone. I would like to think she waited until I was done with my essays, so I could grieve freely. She was a good dog ’til the end: 30 minutes before she died, she refused to pee inside the house and stood herself up to be carried outside. When I was a child, she was an only child’s playmate, the little sister I never had. When I was a struggling teenager, often reduced to sitting on the floor, crying, she would immediately hear me, appear out of nowhere and lick away my tears. When I was a joyfully hard-working student preparing for college, she would keep me warm during late-night homework hours; she would fall peacefully asleep on my lap while I sat at the computer, typing away. Good girl and goodbye, Coco. I’ll see you when I see you.

Thank you Coco. Our life was so much richer and better because of you.You brought so much love and laughter to our family. What a special dog you are. You will always be in our hearts, forever.

** BTW, the illness she had was IBD which is an incurable disease that can only be managed. The cause of this disease is still not fully known so there are many theories out there. One thing for sure, food and stress plays a big role. If you have a dog with continued gas pain, diarrhea and weight loss – be sure to ask your vet to check for this disease because it very often goes undiagnosed. Anyway, if you have a dog (or a cat) give them an extra hug for me today. :)

coco dog wearing 3D glasses

coco dog wearing 3D glasses


  1. Judith says

    JinJoo, so sorry for your loss. I know how devastated I was when our beloved cat died at 18 years old; it took a long time to recover. Your daughter wrote a beautiful tribute. I am grateful for the time we had the pleasure of Livingston in our lives, and you must have many wonderful memories of Coco. I’m sure she would want you to be celebrating her life with you more than anything. So cook something special for her and have a :Thank you, Coco” party.

    • says

      Hi Judith, Thank you so much for the lovely note. Wow 18 years…I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that must have been. Yes, we will definitely have to have a “Thank you Coco” party..great idea. She so LOVED to eat so it’s a perfect way to remember her..

  2. says

    This sucks. I have a 13 year old dog and another one about to turn 1 so I am constantly reminded that Maggie is definitely a senior dog. Judging from Coco’s pictures and your daughter’s sweet eulogy, it is obvious she was cherished. I’m sure you are like all good Korean moms who are unable to provide a few tasty morsels under the table. We gave up chastising my mom a long time ago. Coco was luckier than most dogs to be able to pitter-patter in your kitchen and enjoy the smells you provided.

    I’m sure she’s in a better place now, but not by much.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    • says

      Hi Kathryn! Thank you so much~ yes, definitely cherish every moment you have with your sweet dogs. And you got it so right – Coco used to display a whole different level of sweetness when there was food involved so it was really hard not to give in. 😉 I still keep thinking Coco will come to the kitchen whenever I drop something or make noises.. :(
      Give your sweet dogs an extra treat today for me! Take care. JinJoo – oh by the way, did you see the shikhye post?

      • says

        Of course I saw the shikhye post! I made it right away. Don’t forget to remind people to buy the authentic fermenting grain and not the instant. The flavor was so good and reminded me of mom right away. I have already made promises to make more because it was gone in no time. Which makes me ask, once you make it, how long can it stay in the fridge and still be good?

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