Gochujang at home!

Gochujang at home!

How to make

Whenever you are planning to cook something that takes many hours...  I always say – Invite a friend!

– Korean gochujang hangari  – large bowls  – fine sieve – large pot – mosquito net  – string to tie mesh fabric – coals, sesame seeds, metal bowl 


Prep the Day Before


1-2 DAYS BEFORE: Sterilize your ghochujang hangari or onggi by pouring hot boiling water inside and out and drying them. OR you can use coals. 

The Night Before


Soak malt barley (all 750 g of it!) in 5 litre of cold water for 5 hrs or more. Soak sweet rice in water for 3-4 hrs or more.

Your Mixture should look like this 


Mix everything well, you won’t need to go the gym today (at least for your arms anyway). Make sure everything is all mixed thoroughly.