Vegetarian Dumplings that are perfect for warm days of summer but any time of the year. Made with zucchini, shitake and Jalapeno peppers, the stuffing is so light and crunchy. Called Pyeonsu in Korean cuisine, this is also a Korean temple food recipe.


Hobak (Zucchini) Italian zucchini  Korean sea salt Jalapeno peppers

Pyogo (Shitake Mushrooms) Shitake mushrooms Guk Ganjang (Korean soup soy sacue) Jin Ganjang  Sesame oil

Chili Pepper Jalapeno pepper Vegetable oil

Dipping Sauce Guk Ganjang Rice vinegar Water

Soak dried shitake mushrooms in water for an hour or more.


Prep Korean squash. When shitake mushrooms are fully rehydrated, take them out from the water, give them a very light squeeze with your hand to wring out extra moisture.

Cook vegetables. Sauté lightly zucchini, mushrooms and peppers - separately in the pan, stirring often. When vegetables are cooled, season with sesame seeds, ground black pepper and sesame oil. Mix to season evenly.

Take a mandu wrap and place on the palm of your hand. Spoon the vegetable stuffing in the center of the wrap. Gather the stuffing together and make a little mound in the center. Fold it in half and press down and seal the edges of each side to make like an envelope. Settle the packet down on a surface and then hold the sealed edges of each side with each hand and push them in towards the center. Steam dumplings for about 8 minutes and they should be done.

Instead of Zucchini, try using cucumber (Korean or Japanese), Cucumbers will give you more crunch and will taste lighter and fresher. Prepare the cucumber the same way.

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