Milk Bread Soft & Fluffy Asian Style

Milk Bread is an incredible soft bread that is often found in Asian & Korean bakeries. It can easily be made at home and is utterly delicious.

Milk Bread

Starter - Unbleached Bread Flour - Water - Low Fat Milk Dough - Unbleached Bread Flour - Instant Yeast - Salt - Sugar - Low Fat Milk - Egg - Unsalted Butter



1. Prepare the starter. 2. Make the dough.  3. Prove the dough.


1. Roll out the dough. 2. Add dough to baking pan and let rise. 3. Bake the bread for 32 minutes, let cool, and enjoy!


- If you only have access to non-instant yeast, be sure to activate it first.

- For very soft crust, loosely cover it with bread or foil as it's cooling.

Serve with butter, jam and some tea. It's a lovely afternoon treat!

Serving Tips


- Raisins - Canned Chestnuts - Cinnamon - Sugar - Chocolate - Fruit Jam