Noodles in Black Bean Sauce (간짜장면 Kaan Jajangmyeon)

Noodles with Black Bean Sauce (짜장면 Jjajang Myeon)

In almost every Korean drama, you will see characters devour this black sauce noodle dish-ending with black sauce all around their mouths. And it's almost always in an office setting or at home, where these are delivered in a steel or plastic box. Jajangmyeon (짜장면) or JJajangmyeon is actually a Chinese dish, introduced in 1905 by a Chinese chef in Incheon. Since then, it has fully become part of ...

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Know your Pork Cut!!

Korean pork cuts diagram by JinJoo Lee (

Pork is probably the most popular meat in Korea. Partly because it's much more affordable than beef but also because the fatty flavor of pork really goes well with many Korean seasonings and condiments, especially Kimchi. Adding pork to Kimchi Jjigae really transforms it into a very hearty, flavorful stew. When compared to beef, Pork cuts are simpler - 22 pork cuts vs 100+ beef cuts! And as far ...

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Sweet and Spicy Pork BBQ (돼지 불고기 Dweji Bulgogi)

pork bulgogi

Spicy, savory, sweet, gingery and mouthwatering...That is the best way I can describe the taste of Pork Bulgogi. For some reason, we did not have this very often at home when I was growing up. The first time I tasted Daeji Bulgogi/Dwaeji Bulgogi (돼지 불고기) was at my friend's house when I was in 4th or 5th grade and I thought it was absolutely delicious. But it was also very very spicy! My friend's ...

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Spicy soy braised pork ribs (돼지갈비 조림 Dweji Kalbi Jorim)

Spicy braised pork ribs (돼지갈비 조림 Dweji Kalbi Jorim)

This is Korean braised pork ribs cooked my family style - quite salty and spicy and not at all sweet. Eating this dish always brings back my childhood memories - my absolute favorite but it also was a bit of a torture eating these because they were so spicy. It could be that I simply couldn't handle the heat but I really think the Korean chili peppers were a lot spicier than the ones I get today ...

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Kimchi stew with pork belly

Kimchi Stew (Jjigae/Chigae)

I still remember the very first time I made Kimchi Jjigae all by myself - it was when I was visiting my brother in Virginia. The winter snow storm that year (1984? 1985?) was so bad that we were stuck in his apartment for almost a week with no means of getting to a store. The first time I stepped outside,  the snow had accumulated up to my thigh level! We were running out of things to eat and we ...

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Pork belly cooked with onions(돼지고기 삼겹살)

Dry cooked pork belly

Here is the simplest way to cook pork belly (Sam-Kyup-Sal 삼겹살) Korean style.  In Korean cuisine, pork belly is usually either boiled in water or cut into thin slices and grilled. When boiled in water, ginger is mostly used. In addition, people have been adding Korean Soy Bean paste, coffee grinds, onions, garlic... all sorts of ingredients to make it taste better. I tried coffee grinds, soybean ...

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