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Christmas cheesecake tart

Life in Korea – Merry Christmas from my new studio!

Last year’s Christmas really did not feel like Christmas at all. There was no tree, no cards (Koreans really don’t send cards to each other anymore and maybe because we don’t have a lot of friends?), no Christmas parties to go to (I so miss our old CA friends.) and no daughter (she was traveling […]

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Soy Sauce w/ Vinegar (Chokanjang 초간장)

Korean Sauces I (For Dipping)

Just like many other cuisines, sauces play an important role in Korean cooking. The same kind of sauce is used in many different dishes so many Koreans can make these sauces with their eyes closed. When I was preparing to write about sauces I was hoping that there would be some well organized categorization of […]

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soy glazed anchovies with peppers

Soy maple glazed anchovies (멸치 볶음 Myulchi Bokkeum)

I am actually best known for my Myulchi Bokkeum among my friends and family. And it’s probably one of the dish I make the most. So I’m not sure why I haven’t posted this before…I guess I really didn’t think that it was anything special..but then recently eating at a restaurant, I realized how the […]

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pork bulgogi

Sweet and Spicy Pork BBQ (돼지 불고기 Dweji Bulgogi)

Spicy, savory, sweet, gingery and mouthwatering…That is the best way I can describe the taste of Pork Bulgogi. For some reason, we did not have this very often at home when I was growing up. The first time I tasted Dweji Bulgogi (돼지 불고기) was at my friend’s house when I was in 4th or […]

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Chop Chae/Jap Chae (Korean Glass Noodles)

Korean Glass Noodles (잡채 Japchae/Chopchae)

If you have ever been to a Korean restaurant, chances are you probably have had chopchae/japchae(잡채), either as a menu item or as a side dish. And if side dish was the only way you had it – then I’m afraid you probably had a very poorly made chopchae. It sometimes makes me mad when […]

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Know your beef cut!

I recently bought some brisket from an American grocery store. But when I brought it home and cooked it, it looked and tasted different from the Yangjimeori(양지머리 – also labeled “brisket”) that I usually buy from the Korean supermarket. And this is not the first time– it has happened to me many times before and […]

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Hearty Beef Soup (고기국 Gogiguk/Kokikuk)

Hearty Beef Soup (고깃국 Gogiguk/Kokiguk)

This Korean Gogiguk (고깃국) or Beef Soup/Broth is probably one of the simplest soups to make ever. It is also one of the most important to learn because it can be the foundatio for many other Korean soups such as Mandooguk (만두국), Yukgyejang(육계장), Mooguk (무우국)…etc.  But you may be surprised how wonderful it tastes- just […]

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sweet and salty braised lotus roots

Sweet and salty lotus roots (연근조림 Yeonkeun Jorim)

So what do these braised lotus roots (연근조림 Yeongeun/Yeongn/Yeonkeun Jorim) remind me of? It totally brings back fond memories from my high school days, eating lunch boxes with my friends, sharing our banchan (반찬 – side dish) together. And this was certainly one of my top favorites to have in the lunch box. It is […]

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Spicy braised pork ribs (돼지갈비 조림 Dweji Kalbi Jorim)

Spicy soy braised pork ribs (돼지갈비 조림 Dweji Kalbi Jorim)

This is Korean braised pork ribs cooked my family style – quite salty and spicy and not at all sweet.  Eating this dish always brings back my childhood memories – my absolute favorite but it also was a bit of a torture eating these because they were so spicy. It could be that I simply […]

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lemon, sesame onion, soy mustard dressing (left to right)

Salad dressings make a wonderful gift!

Check out my post about salads in my What’s for dinner, mom?blog! There are recipes for tofu salad and raspberry spinach salad (they go really well with Korean food) and their dressings which you can make as wonderful gifts! Happy December!!

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