Cold Jellyfish Salad (Haepari Naengchae 해파리 냉채 ) with starflower

Korean jellyfish salad (Haepari Naengchae) with lemon and borage petals

Really? Jellyfish?? Can you eat jellyfish? Yes, of course. Why not?..I don't think it's that different than eating squid..I am pretty sure that I tasted jellyfish even before I knew what it was. And don't worry about the jellyfish poison, the tentacles are all removed before they are packaged. If you eat the jellyfish without thinking about it, it is pretty darn good. It actually doesn't have any ...

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“Mock” Kimchi Rice with Sauerkraut and Bacon

Mock Kimchi Rice with Bacon

In addition to traditional, authentic Korean recipes, I decided I should also share some modern recipes that have Korean flavors but not necessarily traditional and also non-Korean recipes that are worth blogging about. As long as they taste yummy, why not? Right? OK, so hope you will all follow me on this new journey of mine. This recipe is great if you have no access to Kimchi but you are ...

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My podcast Interview with SBS Australia is now online!

SBS Interview Kimchimari

After my KBS World Radio interview in Feb, I was contacted by Harnsle Joo at SBS Australia to do an interview about  First, I thought it was the Korean broadcast station SBS but then I soon learned it's actually the Australian's Special Broadcasting Service that is a national, multi-cultural, multi-language service. Harnsle told me my interview will be on their bilingual ...

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Three color vegetables (삼색나물 Samsaek Namul) – White

Korean Radish Saute Side Dish (Mu/Moo Namul Banchan)

Sam (pronounced saam) means 3 in Korean and saek means color. So samsaek namul means vegetables of 3 colors: specifically white, black/brown and green. I will be writing a 3 series post about this dish since it's actually 3 different dishes often plated in one. Today's post will be on White radish namul. Recently, all of a sudden, I had this craving for mu namul (무나물) - a surprisingly delicious ...

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Hearty Soy Sauce Chicken Stew (닭도리탕 Dak doritang)

Boiling Dak toritang (Korean Chicken stew with soy sauce)

  I am sure you can agree that great recipes are the ones that are easy and tasty all at the same time. But unfortunately there is not a whole lot of them. But I am happy to report that this recipe is one of those!  This recipe is based on a blog post by a Korean blogger who wrote about how she learned it from her Grandma. But she did not have any measurements! Just a list of ingredients. I ...

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Seafood Green Onion Pancake (Dongrae or Haemul Pajeon 동래 해물파전)

DongraePajeon 동래파전 (Korean Seafood Green Onion Pancake)

There was a special kind of Haemul (Seafood) Pajeon (파전) that was served at fancy parties at our home when I was little, many years ago... And I have been looking for the recipe of this very yummy seafood green onion pancake for a long time. I did not have the recipe because it is not a dish that my mom or dad made but it was a dish that was made by a professional chef who came to cook for my ...

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Breakfast at Andong – Trip to a Korean Historical Home

Gurume Korean Historic Home, andong, Korea

Nothing fancy or multi-colored, nothing grilled or fried but there is something so comforting and deliciously pleasing about a properly prepared authentic Korean breakfast.  In my opinion, this is what traditional Korean food tastes are all about. Every now and then I have complained about how Korean food has changed over the years and have lost a lot of the authentic traditional flavors in ...

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Life in Korea – Merry Christmas from my new studio!

Christmas cheesecake tart

Last year's Christmas really did not feel like Christmas at all. There was no tree, no cards (Koreans really don't send cards to each other anymore and maybe because we don't have a lot of friends?), no Christmas parties to go to (I so miss our old CA friends.) and no daughter (she was traveling with her friends in Europe). It really made last year's holidays pretty quiet, uneventful and almost ...

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Korean Sauces I (For Dipping)

Soy Sauce w/ Vinegar (Chokanjang 초간장)

Just like many other cuisines, sauces play an important role in Korean cooking. The same kind of sauce is used in many different dishes so many Koreans can make these sauces with their eyes closed. When I was preparing to write about sauces I was hoping that there would be some well organized categorization of the Korean sauces much like the 5 mother sauces in French cooking. Unfortunately there ...

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Soy maple glazed anchovies (멸치 볶음 Myulchi Bokkeum)

soy glazed anchovies with peppers

I am actually best known for my Myulchi Bokkeum among my friends and family. And it's probably one of the dish I make the most. So I'm not sure why I haven't posted this before...I guess I really didn't think that it was anything special..but then recently eating at a restaurant, I realized how the taste can vary from the ones that are really bland,  to the ones that have the perfect balance of ...

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