Soy Bean Sprout Soup for the Soul (콩나물국 Kongnamul Guk)

Soybean Sprout Soup (콩나물국 Kongnamul Guk)

Wonderfully warm and light - this amazingly soothing soup is Koreans' Chicken Soup for the soul. If you get a terrible cold, this soybean sprout soup is what mom will make for you - with extra red pepper flakes to chase the cold away. The non-spicy version of this Kongnamul Guk is also a perfect soup for children. Kids love the flavor and it also aids with their brain development. If you are ...

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Rice with Korean Soybean Sprouts (콩나물밥 Kongnamul Bap)

Rice with Soybean Sprouts (콩나물밥 Kongnamul Bap)

If you have ever been to a Korean restaurant, you probably had a side dish made from these soybean sprouts (콩나물 Kongnamul). They are also great in soups and stews and Koreans swear that Kongnamul Gook(soup) will cure the common cold. Nutritionally, soybean sprouts contain tons of vitamin C and are also a good source of vitamin Bs, thiamine and folate. The head (the bean part) contains a lot of ...

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