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1snap pea

Spring time is for…

Fresh sugar snap peas! Right from my vegetable garden. Last winter, I planted strawberries, sugar snap peas, spinach and romaine lettuces. None of them died but except for the sugar snap peas, all the other vegetables didn’t really grow…I didn’t consider the change of sun exposure in the winter and they are just not getting […]

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cucumber namul

Stir-fried cucumbers (오이나물 oyi namul)

This Oyi Namul(오이나물) is also sometimes called Oyi Bokkeum (오이볶음) which literally means cucumber stir fry. When you saw the name of the dish, you might have thought – “What? Stir fry cucumbers? How can that taste good?”.  But you will be surprised how good this tastes – the slightly pickled cucumbers have such a […]

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Korean Summer Pickles - Jangahjji

Fantastic Summer Pickles (장아찌 Jangahjji)

Pickles..pickles…so delicious, so crunchy, tangy, sweet, salty and even a hint of chili flavor it simply tastes divine. Summers are pretty hot in Korea and when it’s so hot, you often don’t have much of an appetite. But..get a bowl of ice cold water, put some rice (room temp) in it and eat the rice […]

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