A fabulous Girl’s Getaway Day 2 (Carmel, CA)

Perfect Sunset in Pajaro Beach, California

Hope everyone had a very happy July 4th!! (at least for the people in the US ;) )  So now on to the 2nd post for my girl's getaway trip to the Central Coast area of California. On Day 2 of our trip, we made our way to Carmel which brings back many memories for me. Carmel is right by the sea and is a very unique small town with great galleries, pretty shops and most of all, excellent ...

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Mint and Basil Hottoek?!

Korean Sweet Pancake (Hotteok/Hodduck) with mint-www.kimchimari.com

Really?? You may think that's the strangest thing you ever heard...well, just follow my story a little bit... Warm and sunny spring days are now in full force in our lovely California and I can even feel the summer around the corner. And unlike the last two years, when I dreaded the coming of the hot muggy (OMG, I get hot just thinking about it!) summer in Korea, I am very much looking forward to ...

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Three color vegetables (Samsaek Namul)- Brown Gosari

Korean Three color vegetable (samsaek namul)

Brown Gosari (고사리)/Kosari or Bracken Fiddleheads namul is the last of the Korean three color vegetables (samsaek namul 삼색나물) dish that I have been blogging about. Bracken belongs to a genus of large, coarse ferns in the family Dennstaedtiaceae. As ferns, brackens do not have seeds or fruits, but the immature fronds, known as fiddlehead greens, are eaten in different cultures. Bracken is one of ...

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Bulgogi on Expo Worldrecipe homepage!

Kimchimari bulgogi recipe on Expo Milano 2015 Worldrecipes home page

For once, I posted too soon.. :) I just got word from Expo Milano 2015 Worldrecipes that they have decided to feature my Bulgogi post on their homepage!!!! How cool is that?!!!!! If you go to Expo Milano 2015 Worldrecipes homepage, look under Chosen For You section to see it. Now, I know you have already seen the recipe on my blog but there is good reason to visit because all recipes submitted ...

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A visit with a Tteoksal (떡살) Artisan

Korean Rice Cake mold design - tteoksal stamp

One item on my "Must Do" list while in Korea was to make a trip down to Damyang (담양) to visit Moksan Gongyakwan (목산공예관). FYI - The doggie is a Korean breed called 삽살개 (sapsalgae) - very cute isn't he? Mr. Kim Gyuseok who is a renowned Rice Cake Mold(떡살 Tteoksal) Artisan has been collecting and restoring 1000 traditional Tteoksal designs for over 30 years and in 2013, he was awarded the title ...

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Sweet and Savory Beef Rib Stew (갈비찜 Galbijjim/Kalbijjim)


This is Korean food at its best. Kalbijjim/Galbijjim(갈비찜) was certainly one of my favorites as a kid and is still very much at the top of my list to this day. As a kid, I loved to eat just Kalbijjim, rice and Kimchi. It was a perfect balance of flavors for me. The combination of sweet yet savory, juicy yet melt in your mouth tender beef ribs with a great depth of flavor and the crunchy, spicy ...

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Nov. 24th is Kimjang Day!

Yes.. I know.. Nov. 24th is Thanksgiving weekend but in Korea I will be making kimchi all day at my in-laws for Kimjang/Gimang. Kimjang is a longtime Korean tradition where families get together and make enough kimchi to last them through the freezing winter. It used to take 2- 3 days but now it's usually done in one day (Read my No Crazy Kimchi post for more). I hope to take pictures and learn as ...

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Spring time is for…

Snap Pea pod and flower

Fresh sugar snap peas! Right from my vegetable garden. Last winter, I planted strawberries, sugar snap peas, spinach and romaine lettuces. None of them died but except for the sugar snap peas, all the other vegetables didn't really grow...I didn't consider the change of sun exposure in the winter and they are just not getting enough sun. The lettuce is now finally growing with the weather getting ...

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Salad dressings make a wonderful gift!

lemon, sesame onion, soy mustard dressing (left to right)

Check out my post about salads in my What's for dinner, mom?blog! There are recipes for tofu salad and raspberry spinach salad (they go really well with Korean food) and their dressings which you can make as wonderful gifts! Happy December!! ...

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My blog is in Chosun.com (a Korean news site)!

Korean food at home in chosun.com

I can’t believe that this has actually happened! I am now a contributor to Chosun.com (a major Korean news site). Thank you for all your support (especially my loyal subscribers) and encouraging comments – they always help me going. Go to http://english.chosun.com and then you will see an image in the home page that links to some of the recipes in my blog. ...

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