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Sweet and Savory Beef Rib Stew (갈비찜 Galbijjim/Kalbijjim)

This is Korean food at its best. Kalbijjim/Galbijjim(갈비찜) was certainly one of my favorites as a kid and is still very much at the top of my list to this day. As a kid, I loved to eat just Kalbijjim, rice and Kimchi. It was a perfect balance of flavors for me. The combination of […]

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Nov. 24th is Kimjang Day!

Yes.. I know.. Nov. 24th is Thanksgiving weekend but in Korea I will be making kimchi all day at my in-laws for Kimjang/Gimang. Kimjang is a longtime Korean tradition where families get together and make enough kimchi to last them through the freezing winter. It used to take 2- 3 days but now it’s usually […]

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1snap pea

Spring time is for…

Fresh sugar snap peas! Right from my vegetable garden. Last winter, I planted strawberries, sugar snap peas, spinach and romaine lettuces. None of them died but except for the sugar snap peas, all the other vegetables didn’t really grow…I didn’t consider the change of sun exposure in the winter and they are just not getting […]

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lemon, sesame onion, soy mustard dressing (left to right)

Salad dressings make a wonderful gift!

Check out my post about salads in my What’s for dinner, mom?blog! There are recipes for tofu salad and raspberry spinach salad (they go really well with Korean food) and their dressings which you can make as wonderful gifts! Happy December!!

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My blog is in Chosun.com (a Korean news site)!

I can’t believe that this has actually happened! I am now a contributor to Chosun.com (a major Korean news site). Thank you for all your support (especially my loyal subscribers) and encouraging comments – they always help me going. Go to http://english.chosun.com and then you will see an image in the home page that links […]

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cabbage kimchi (배추김치 baechu kimchi)

No Crazy Kimchi (How to ripen Kimchi)

Everyone has a different preference as to when Kimchi(김치) tastes the best – some love eating freshly made, raw kimchi (kind of tastes like a salad); some love eating it when it is just perfectly ripe and then there are those who love sour kimchi (신김치 shin kimchi) which has basically over fermented and obviously […]

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spicy soft tofu stew with kimchi and beef

Kimchi Soondubu Jjigae (Spicy Soft Tofu Stew with Kimchi)

Kimchi Soondubu Jjigae is one of the variations of the spicy soft tofu stew  (순두부 찌게 Soondubu Jjigae) that I wrote about some time ago. I know that my original recipe may taste a bit bland to some people and if that’s the case for you, you really have to try this version with kimchi […]

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cucumber namul

Stir-fried cucumbers (오이나물 oyi namul)

This Oyi Namul(오이나물) is also sometimes called Oyi Bokkeum (오이볶음) which literally means cucumber stir fry. When you saw the name of the dish, you might have thought – “What? Stir fry cucumbers? How can that taste good?”.  But you will be surprised how good this tastes – the slightly pickled cucumbers have such a […]

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Korean beef patties (Wanja Jeon) and beef wrapped in kkaetnip (Kkaetnip Jeon)

Mini beef patties and beef stuffed perilla leaves – Wanja Jeon (완자전) and Kkaetnip Jeon(깻잎전)

These jeons serve as a great side dish to any Korean meal with spicy soups or jjigaes. They are also great for lunchboxes because they keep well and taste good even when they are not warm. The only thing is that it takes a bit of effort and time to make it, and that’s why […]

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Dried Pollock Soup – Bugeo Gook (북어국)

My daughter called me the other day and asked me to post my Bugeo (dried pollock) Gook recipe because she wanted to make some for herself in her dorm. This is always one of the first things she asks me to make when she comes home from college. This soup is also one of the […]

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