Ssam (쌈 Lettuce and other veggie wraps)

Lettuce, crown dasies, perilla leaves - ssukat, kkaetnip

Ssam (ssukat, kkaetnip, lettuce)

Ssam (쌈) means “wrapped” in Korean. Ssambap (쌈밥) means rice wrapped in lettuce or other veggies with some other protein (fish, bulgogi, kalbi, etc). The three kinds you see here are Ssukat(crown daisy or edible chrysanthemum), Kkaetnip(Perilla Leaves) and red leaf lettuce.  These are probably the most basic and classic set of vegetables but you can have ssam with just lettuce alone.

Other possible ssam materials are:

  • green leaf lettuce, iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce
  • steamed cabbage leaves
  • kelp leaves
  • steamed zucchini leaves

If your vegetables are a bit wilted, you can freshen them by cutting the stems and soaking them in cold water.

Ssukat (crown daisy or edible chrysanthemum)

Ssukat (crown daisy or edible chrysanthemum)


Ssukat freshened up

Left is before it was in the water and the right is after the Ssukat stems were cut and soaked in water.


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