Nov. 24th is Kimjang Day!

Yes.. I know.. Nov. 24th is Thanksgiving weekend but in Korea I will be making kimchi all day at my in-laws for Kimjang/Gimang. Kimjang is a longtime Korean tradition where families get together and make enough kimchi to last them through the freezing winter. It used to take 2- 3 days but now it’s usually done in one day (Read my No Crazy Kimchi post for more). I hope to take pictures and learn as much as I can from my mother-in-law and will be posting soon! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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    Oh, I am looking forward to your post so much! This year my big kimchi day has to wait until after Jan. 1, the day my son gets married, while I make the wedding dress and his frock coat suit. In the mean time I am having to buy my kimchi (horrors!) and my kimmchi refrigerator is sadly neglected. All I have is the last of my 총각 김치. Just remember that I am trying to look over your shoulder while you and your family make kimchi! Have a good holiday and i’ll see you again after the 1st. :)

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      Hi Judith! I thought I replied already but somehow it didn’t appear..First, congratulations on your son’s wedding!!! Can’t believe you are making the dress and the suit!? Too bad I couldn’t invite you to our Kimjang day..thanks again for keeping up with me this year…wishing you all the best of everything in 2013!

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    I hope you are still taking requests. The other day I was thinking about a dish I used to eat as a child that I really loved. My mom would make it for breakfast. It was a kind of Jook made from Black sesame. Would love to be able to make it myself. I just like any kind of jook.

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      Of course! I was actually thinking of posting pumpkin jook. But I can certainly add black sesame..Winter time is the time for jook in Korea so it’s a great time to talk about it. I am working on Kimjang post right now – so much to talk about, it’s taking longer than I thought..

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      Thank you again Maria. And I am so sorry for responding so late. I have had a bit of a hard time writing up the post and kept postponing…and of course all the holidays didn’t help..I will be posting it soon. Have a wonderful New Year!

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