Interesting Korean Cooking event

I was recently asked to share about a fun Korean food event that was held in Korea. The event is called K-Cook Delight and this is an exerpt from their site:

“We invited foreigners from 22 different countries living in Korea, both professional chefs and food enthusiasts, learned how to cook signature Korean dishes.

They participated in a creative cook-off to show their creativity by adding some flavor, ingredients, and ideas from their own home countries, ultimately creating a unique fusion dish, such as Pork Belly Pajeon or Spice Salami Bibimbap .

Every participant recorded a video, which introduces their dishes. Although the event is over, we believe people from all over the world can benefit this content because participants speak their own language and use local ingredients.

Links to the Videos:

Our Website:”


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    Hi Kimchimari!

    I discovered your blogs while searching for Korean vegetable gardens. I stumbled across your post on gardening and was wondering if you can give me any tips on growing Perilla leaves? I ordered some seeds and was wondering when it would be best to plant them? How deep should the pot be? And how to harvest them so that they keep growing? Any other tips would be so helpful. I’m going to attempt to grow them for my parents who are Korean so they’ll have a bountiful amount of 반찬. 감사합니다~

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      Hi! Welcome to my blog~ Perilla is one of the easiest vegetable to grow. I am not sure where you are but typically it is fine to plant in the spring once the danger of frost is gone. If you want to get an early start, you can plant them first in small seedling containers and then transplant outside. Or you can directly plant them outside as seeds and it should grow well. Koreans also grow them inside their apartment terraces in big containers. It grows best in full sun with moderate water. There are couple articles I wrote that may have useful information for you – It’s been 3 months since I planted my veggies How my veggies have grown.. Fall is here.. My “It’s been 3 months..” article has tips for pinching off perilla leaves to promote growth. So good luck!! Thanks for stopping by~

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