Hot Kimbap!

Pan-fried Kimbap in Sesame Oil

So this week's post will be on how to make Kimbap (김밥)/Korean Seaweed Rice Roll. But before I post that, I thought I would blog about how yummy leftover Kimbap can be - in kind of reverse order of things..since I did not get to post last week. I made Kimbap two days ago and stored leftovers in the fridge because Kimbap can go bad in less than a day. In hot summer days, it can go bad even within ...

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Sweet and Salty Soybeans (콩자반 Kongjaban)

Korean Sweet and Salty Soybeans

  Kongjaban was my all time favorite lunchbox banchan (side dish) when I was a kid. My most happy lunchbox(도시락 doshirak) always included at least 2 of the following: Kongjaban, Sauteed string potatoes, Jangjorim, Oeji (pickled cucumbers) and  Gim (roasted sea laver). My school day mornings passed by more quickly and happily when I knew I had these in my lunchbox... :) Usually, kids don't ...

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Soy maple glazed anchovies (멸치 볶음 Myulchi Bokkeum)

soy glazed anchovies with peppers

I am actually best known for my Myulchi Bokkeum among my friends and family. And it's probably one of the dish I make the most. So I'm not sure why I haven't posted this before...I guess I really didn't think that it was anything special..but then recently eating at a restaurant, I realized how the taste can vary from the ones that are really bland,  to the ones that have the perfect balance of ...

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Crispy Zucchini Pancakes (호박부침개 Hobak buchimgae)

zucchini buchimgae cut into bite size pieces

Buchimgae is such a simple dish and yet the many possible variations makes it a must have in your everyday repertoire of Korean recipes. It is most delicious when it is just directly off the hot pan, freshly cooked, still steaming hot. The simplest version has just one kind of vegetable such as zucchini, chives or green onions. The most elaborate versions have a combination of seafood such as ...

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Sweet and salty lotus roots (연근조림 Yeonkeun Jorim)

sweet and salty braised lotus roots

So what do these braised lotus roots (연근조림 Yeongeun/Yeongn/Yeonkeun Jorim) remind me of? It totally brings back fond memories from my high school days, eating lunch boxes with my friends, sharing our banchan (반찬 - side dish) together. And this was certainly one of my top favorites to have in the lunch box. It is also a commonly served side dish at many Korean restaurants. But most often than not, ...

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Stir-fried cucumbers (오이나물 oyi namul)

Korean sauteed cucumber namul

This Oyi Namul(오이나물) is also sometimes called Oyi Bokkeum (오이볶음) which literally means cucumber stir fry. When you saw the name of the dish, you might have thought - "What? Stir fry cucumbers? How can that taste good?".  But you will be surprised how good this tastes - the slightly pickled cucumbers have such a wonderfully crunchy and chewy texture. Any raw cucumber taste (that some people ...

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Mini beef patties and beef stuffed perilla leaves – Wanja Jeon (완자전) and Kkaetnip Jeon(깻잎전)

Korean beef patties (Wanja Jeon) and beef wrapped in kkaetnip (Kkaetnip Jeon)

These jeons serve as a great side dish to any Korean meal with spicy soups or jjigaes. They are also great for lunchboxes because they keep well and taste good even when they are not warm. The only thing is that it takes a bit of effort and time to make it, and that's why I don't get to make it as often as I would like. But when you have children or friends to help you, it is an excellent way to ...

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Almost instant Riceball(주먹밥 Joomukbap)


This is the quickest and easiest way to make Joomukbap if you don't have the time or don't want to get into making the rice, etc.  My trick is to use Trader Joe's frozen Yaki Onigiri (Baked Japanese Rice Triangle)! I posted the full recipe of the Korean Samgak Joomukbap recently so if you want to make some authentic Korean Joomukbap, please refer to my previous post. But I'm sure you will agree ...

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Korean Rice Triangles(삼각주먹밥 Samgak Joomukbap)

Korean Riceballs

When my daughter was in high school, I think I made Joomukbap at least 3 times a week for her lunch. Because of her intolerance to gluten (although she tested negative for Celiac disease, we know for sure that she did not do well with gluten foods), we had to come up with lunch menus that were gluten free. So Jumukbap (주먹밥 - literally means "fist-rice") was a great gluten free lunch that could ...

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JangJoRim (장조림) – Korean beef side dish

JangJoRim - Beef braised in soy sauce

Ingredients 1/2 lb of beef cut into 2-3 inch pieces (brisket or eye of round) 1/2 C soy sauce 1/4 C sugar 5 cloves of garlic 3-5 shishito peppers (꽈리고추 gwari-gochoo)(optional) 3-4 hard boiled eggs (optional) black pepper 2 1/2 C water Shishito is a wrinkly and mild flavored pepper. It is completely edible, including the seeds. This pepper will only be available in some ...

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