Hobak Jeon (Pan-fried Zucchini) all stacked up!

Worldwide book giveaway ends 8/30th! & I entered Food52 contest!!

I just recently discovered Food52 food community and then saw they had a contest for Best Summer Squash or Zucchini recipes!! So I entered!!! Here is my recipe at Food52 with some latest photos. https://food52.com/recipes/37951-summer-squash-jeon-or-pan-fried-squash-fritters . Go check out Food52, they have some amazing articles and food style items you can buy. On another note, I wanted to remind everyone that my Worldwide Korean Language book + dictionary giveaway ends 8/30th so please be sure to enter if you haven't already!! Here's the post for Book giveaway. Wishing everyone (including me ;) ) GOOD LUCK!!! ...

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Mini Kimbap two ways: carrot & cucumber

Mini Kimbap two ways - with carrtos and cucumbers

During my stay in Korea, I got to taste a special kind of mini Kimbap also called  Mayak (마약) Kimbap at Seoul's Kwangjang Sijang (광장시장). Mayak means "drugs" which refers to the fact that this kimbap is soooo good it's addicting like opium or cocaine. Hmm.. it is very good...not sure if it's ...

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A Worldwide Korean Language Book Giveaway!!

Korean Language book for Beginners

Have you seen my new website?? You like?? I do!! ;) My Kimchimari is no longer at wordpress.com and is now a self-hosted wordpress.org blog!!! Hurray!! I had to go through a LOT to get the new website launched and I have learned so much. I will need to write another post or two on what to do and NOT ...

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Gluten Free Hobak Buchimgae-Zucchini Fritters

Gluten free Hobak Buchimgae (Korean Zucchini Fritters)

Gluten free Hobak Buchimgae-Zucchini Fritters for summer dinners!! This was so yummy I just had to share right away. For dinner yesterday, I decided to make some gluten free hobak buchimgae outside in our backyard. I usually use a non-stick pan but I decided to use my 10" all-clad stainless frying ...

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Samgyetang – Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Samgyetang-Korean Ginger Chicken Soup at our local restaurant BN Chicken

Is summer too hot for you? Do you feel worn out from the heat?? Well, guess how Koreans fix that?! They stand in line for hours in front of restaurants in Seoul to eat a pot of piping hot Samgyetang - Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup!!! Samgyetang(삼계탕) is probably one of the most popular "energy" ...

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Classic Gyeran Jjim-Korean Steamed Eggs

Classic Gyeran Jjim - Korean Steamed Eggs

  The real traditional method of making Classic Gyeran Jjim-Korean steamed eggs is to cook it in a double boiler bain marie (correction made thanks to my friend Judy!). So technically, I don't think we can even call it as "steamed eggs" but "jjim" means "steam" and so I think Korean steamed ...

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Basic Korean pantry – list of essentials

Korean seasonings - list of essentials with labels

I was recently asked by a college bound student what basic ingredients he needed to buy to start cooking Korean food. And I remembered I wrote a post when I first arrived in Korea in 2012 about what I needed to buy to get my kitchen ready for Korean cooking. And the post about Korean Seasonings was ...

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Best Korean Summer BBQ Party – Menu and Tips

Korean BBQ party table with Kalbi, Radish Salad, Kimchi and Potato Salad

Koreans LOVE BBQ in the summer. In Korea, when you visit the various parks, mountains and rivers, you will see that Koreans will find a way to grill everything, whenever and wherever they are. Most Korean pensions (Korean's version of Bed and Breakfast but without breakfast) will usually have picnic ...

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